Norton Removal Tool : Uninstall Norton Device Security

Norton Removal Tool

Norton Removal Tool is an efficient product specially designed to remove the Norton Utilities from the operating system. Thus the users facing the installation, uninstallation, or License activation issue should use Norton Removal Tool to perform these tasks. So, to uninstall all the entries completely, users are suggested to use the official removal tool provided by Norton.

The Norton Removal Tool provides users with simple and straightforward steps to remove Norton products. Furthermore, through the help of this tool, there is no need to perform complicated operations. Additionally, this tool comes with the Norton software and can not be traditionally removed from the control panel. 

What is the use of Norton Removal Tool?

With the Norton Removal Tool’s help, the user can uninstall and reinstall the Norton device from their operating system. Whenever the user runs the tool, it completely uninstalls the currently installed Norton product and then restarts the system. Once the system restarts again, then this tool automatically downloads and installs Norton’s latest version. 

Furthermore, if any user faces trouble while installing Norton after the system restarts, check the information provided below regarding the use of Norton Removal Tool.

Following are the reasons behind what is the use of the Norton Removal Tool. 

Remove and Reinstall the Norton Device Security

Note: The users are suggested to uninstall the installed Norton products before they run the Norton Removal Tool.

  • In the beginning, download the Norton Removal Tool and save the file.
  • Note: On some browsers, the file will get saved automatically to its default location.
  • After this, open the “Downloads” section in the web browser, or press the “Ctrl+J” key together.
  • Then the users are suggested to double-click on the “NRnR” icon.
  • After this, read the license agreement and then click on the “Agree” option.
  • Then tap on the “Remove and Reinstall” option.
  • Note: There might be a “Remove” option if the Norton product is purchased from the service provider.
  • After that, the users are suggested to tap on the “Continue” or “Remove” option.
  • Then at the end, click on the “Restart Now.”

After this, the users are advised to restart their system. Then follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall the Norton software. However, if any user fails to remove the product, they should take help from well-experienced experts.

Remove Norton Device Security Completely

Note: Before proceeding further, the users are suggested to uninstall the Norton product and run the Norton Removal Tool.

  • Firstly users are suggested to download the removal tool.
  • After this, save the file on the system. 
  • Note: The file will automatically save to its default location on some browsers.
  • Then the users are suggested to open the download section on the web browser.
  • Note: The user can also open the “Download” section through the “Ctrl+J” key.
  • After this, the users recommended to double click on the “NRnR” button.
  • Then carefully read the license agreement and tap on the “Agree” button.
  • After this, click on the “Advanced” option.
  • Then tap on the “Remove Only” option.
  • After this, hit on the “Remove” button.
  • Then after this, tap on the “Restart Now” option.
  • After applying all these steps, the system will start again. 
  • Now the users are suggested to follow the on-screen prompts for reinstalling the Norton product.

So once the user goes through these steps, then they can easily perform the remove and reinstall the Norton Security product easily. 

Moreover, the users are advised to visit the official website to activate the other  Norton Products.

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